Saturday 24th October 2020

Ultra Sound Scan


This is one of the most noninvasive investigations in radiology department.

There are several examinations carried out in this department i.e.

  • Abdominal scan,
  • Pelvic scan,
  • Obstetric scan,
  • Small parts
  • Breast scan
  • Neck scan
  • Scrotal scan, among others.

The ultra sound scan is a friendly investigation because;

  • It doesn’t impart pain on the client
  • The equipment used are well maintained making it conducive for the patients i.e. the beddings used are always kept clean, modern machines.
  • It’s conducive to all categories of people i.e. the old, children, disabled, adults and pregnant mothers

It’s key to note that there are no side effects in carrying out this investigation because it operates using sound waves.

There is a current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease

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